FreelancerHack: How to chase an unpaid freelancer invoice

You’ve landed a commission. Congrats! You’ve researched, crafted a headline, eeked out a meta description, you’ve interviewed, strung lovely words into lovelier sentences, proofread it twice and you’re happy enough to hit send.

The client’s happy so you send off an invoice. Then – crickets. A happy client becomes deafeningly quiet (hyperbolically as writers you have a flair for the dramatic) as your invoice goes frustratingly unreconciled.

Now what?

You have a few options when it comes to unpaid invoices.

  1. Polite Polly: send an email requesting follow up on unpaid invoice gently calling to attention the payment terms and that it is now overdue
  2. Call to Karen: request a direct contact for accounts to speed up invoice payment. Ignoring your emails? Jump on the phone – keep it relaxed yet confident.
  3. Silent Sally: you’ve pursued steps 1-2 pretty solidly and gotten no reply. So do the complete opposite, go full radio silence for a few weeks. Silence might just scare your non paying Nelson into paying on the spot. Silence is usually a sign of something bigger and scarier happening ie debt collection.
  4. Full Fuhr: once you’ve exhausted steps 1-3 it’s time to bring in the tentative big guns. Using a debt collection app like CollectMore and their super easy templates is most likely enough to scare someone into paying.
  5. Still no dollars? Now is when you should contact your local debt collections agency IF there’s enough in it for you to pursue. You have 6 years to pursue a debt, and if you have emails (written agreement) you’re entitled to be paid for your hard work.